Gundren Rockseeker

Dwarven entrepreneur, and the party's current employer


Gundren Rockseeker is a dwarven male, standing an average 4’3" tall. He is a bit portly, with shaggy reddish-brown hair and beard, which he keeps wrapped plainly and un-braided.

Gundren’s clothing and demeanor is modest, which speaks to his shrewdness, as well as betraying the fact that his entrepreneurial ventures have thus far failed to pan out as well as he might have liked. Nevertheless, there is a twinkle ambition in his eye that shines especially bright when discussing his plans in Phandalin, though he seems more than a little secretive about the exact details.



Gundren Rockseeker is at his core a businessman. His business interests are many and varied, but recently involve an unknown source of potential revenue near the settlement of Phandalin. Already working with his brothers Tharden and Nundro Rockseeker, as well as a veteran warrior named Sildar Hallwinter, Gundren decided to recruit some additional manpower from Neverwinter.

Relation to the Party

When seeking assistance in Neverwinter, Gundren enlisted the help of the party members to deliver a wagon-load full of supplies to Barthen’s Provisions, a trading post in the settlement of Phandalin. In exchange for their assistance, Gundren offered the party a sum of 10 gold pieces each upon the safe arrival of the supplies.

Gundren himself, along with Sildar Hallwinter, set out a few days in advance to “take care of some things,” leaving the party to begin their journey.

The party later discovered Gundren’s and Sildar’s horses dead on the Triboar Trail, an apparent goblin ambush. Gundren’s current whereabouts are currently unknown.

Gundren Rockseeker

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